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LeonFlix Download

LeonFlix Download: The internet is full of wonderful and amazing stuff. One such is LeonFlix, which is a video content search tool available for a wide range of operating systems. So, through this post, you will get to learn more about the LeonFlix App, its features, and frequently asked questions, etc.

LeonFlix is a multi-platform application that allows you to find media or video stuff right from the internet. It crawls the file-hosting sites, online video platforms and other file sharing sites for the content that you’re looking through this search tool.

This tool isn’t only limited to regular videos. Using this, you can look for HD Movies, Television shows, Animes, Khan academy lectures, and other informative & educational things easily for free. The great part about LeonFlix is that it allows you to stream the video content within its own interface. This means you don’t need to install any other software or anything.

Moving further, LeonFlix has so many other features like multi-protocol, ad-free interface, leonflix modules, and real debrid support, etc.

LeonFlix 0.7.0 for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian

Software NameLeonFlix
Last UpdatedFeb 2020
PlatformsAndroid, Windows, Linux, and macOS
CategoryUtility Tool

Taking further on the LeonFlix app. The software is still in beta stage and is continuously updating for new features and options. And also for bug fixes. As of now, Leon Flix is available for operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian. So, yeah this means you can’t enjoy LeonFlix on your Android device.

But hey wait! don’t be sad. LeonFlix Apk for Android will soon be available once the developers are done with the other operating systems.

As of now, the latest release of the LeonFlix application is labeled as v0.7.0 which you can download easily through the link that we have provided below in the downloads section.

App Features

Before you head over to the leonflix download, let’s explore the app features that would help you use the application more conveniently and easily on your desktop.

Free To Use

This is the very first great thing about the Leonflix app which makes it more popular. Yeah, you can use download and use Leon Flix on any supported platform for free. Furthermore, you will be allowed to find any video content using this tool for free. There is no subscription or anything for accessing the content through this app.

Supports Multi-Platform

There are already a huge number of apps available on the internet which do the same job. But the compatibility of the OS is the main issue there. But here, you don’t need to worry about compatibility because this app is available for all major platforms like Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian. As of now, it is only not available for Android devices.


The great thing about LeonFlix App is that it doesn’t only allow you to watch video content related to entertainment, but also gives you the privilege to access educational and informative content like lessons and lectures from Khan Academy or MIT OpenCourseWare. So, it means the software will now also work as an education portal for you from where you will be able to learn things.


All the major and popular streaming platforms allow their users to access the particular type of content and catalog which is generally related to entertainment and fun. But using LeonFlix’s search option you can directly play videos using magnet links. This means streaming isn’t only limited to HTTP. You can paste the magnet or torrent link in the search bar to play MP4 Videos.

Add-ons / Modules

Other platforms and services don’t offer their users extra features as Leonflix does. It provides you the ability to addon plugins or modules to the application which will help you find the video content conveniently. Rather than this, there are hundreds of modules available in the community which you can use to enhance your watching experience.

Frequent Updates

We have seen so many apps that don’t get software updates. This makes these apps malicious and non-user-friendly over time. But this isn’t the case with LeonFlix. Here the developer provides you bugs and other app feature updates on a frequent base. So, this is one another great reason which makes you use this app.

Downloads – LeonFlix 0.7.0

Here, we have the Leonflix download for various operating systems which includes your windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspbian. You can download leonflix app for the preferred OS by clicking on the suitable download link below.

Download LoenFlix for Windows

Users who are using Windows OS on their desktop can click on the button below to grab the .exe file.

Download LeonFlix for Linux

You can download LeonFlix for Linux OS as well. Just hit the below download button to get the installable file for your Linux.

Download LoenFlix for macOS

LeonFlix app is also available for mac users. If you do own a MacBook, iMac, or an Apple computer running on macOS, then get the .dmg file using the below button.

Download LeonFlix for Raspbian

LeonFlix is one of those cool applications which is available for a wide range of OS. Yeah, you can install LeonFlix on a desktop running over Raspbian OS too.

Download LeonFlix for Android | LeonFlix APK

We have found that many people are in search of LeonFlix for Android phones or Leonflix apk for Android. But to be honest, I would like to inform you all that LeonFlix isn’t available for devices running on Android OS. As of now, LeonFlix for other OS is also under beta testing.

We will update the page with the LeonFlix Apk Download if it comes. But till then we would suggest you to stop looking for LeonFlix Android. As there are so many malicious sites on the internet that can harm your device on the name of leonflix apk download android.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case, if you have any question or query regarding the LeonFlix App, then take a look at some of the questions that we have answered below.

Q- What is LeonFlix?

Ans. LeonFlix is a video search tool that helps you find the video format files from across the internet that are hosted on file-hosting sites like Mediafire, zippy share, and other third-party websites.

Q- Is LeonFlix Free?

Ans. Yes, it is totally free to download and use. You can download it for your preferred OS using the links provided above.

Q- Is LeonFlix Safe?

Ans. No doubt, it is absolutely safe and secure for any type of use. It just scrapes the video links and plays it within its inbuilt video player.